About Desert-Fit

What is Desert-Fit?

Desert-Fit is an ever evolving functional fitness plan  that borrows heavily from CrossFit, but draws from many other sports. Desert-Fit is not only designed to get you in shape, but also prepare your body for any task, hobby, sport, or challenge that comes your way. The idea is to create a power lifter who can run a 10k in the morning, hike a ridge line at lunch, perform manual labor in the afternoon, and finish the day out surfing into the sunset. The Desert-Fit plan is always changing, and prides itself on capturing what does and does not work in order to constantly improve the program.

Well Who Made It?

Hi, my name is Alan. I've been practicing CrossFit for 6 years, competing in Triathlons for 2 years, Surfing for 7 years, Skiing for 3 years, hiking for most of my life, but most importantly leading Soldiers for nearly 4 years. That includes physical training. Combining my hobbies with my experiences in training Soldiers I've come up with an evolving program to prepare anyone for what life throws at them

The How and Why

After unexpectedly being moved out to the middle of the Mojave desert I had to figure out how to conduct my functional fitness workouts in the local "globe-gym." On top of that I have military aspirations and a wide variety of other physical fitness interests. With all of my career goals and hobbies I was driven to create my own personal and varied workout plans that aim to prepare me for what ever life throws my way. I have been logging and reviewing my workouts since 2012 and now I want to share what I have come up with in order to make these workouts better and give others the tools to gain their fitness goals as well. Thank you.

Want to see how well it works? check out the results here.

Please feel free to contact us at desertfitv2@gmail.com

The author at a Triathlon   

The author at a Triathlon