Exercise Guide

Exercise Guide

Miscellaneous Exercises

Here are a few of the Exercises that I like to include in my workouts, but didn't fall into a certain category. Each of them has functional benefit. 

Turkish Get Ups

Weighted Pull Ups

Chest to ar Pull Ups

Kipping Pull Ups

Dumbbell Push Up Rows


Box Squats

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Gymnastics Exercise Part 3


This is the third an final part 3 of 3 gymnastics exercise guide. These last few are a little more intense and technical than the others with rings and box jumps. Enjoy!

Air Squats

Box Jumps

Step Ups


Muscle Ups

Ring Dips

Ring Push Ups

Ring Rows

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Kettlebell Workouts

The kettlebell has caught on like wild fire, and for good reason.Its just a big ol' heavy weight with a handle on it. You can swing it, throw, squat it, snatch it, clean it, its awesome. Here a few of the common kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebell Swing

Ketlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Cleans

Kettlebell Thrusters

Kettlebell Press

Goblet Squats

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

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Gymnastics Exercises Part 2

This is part 2 of our video list of gymnastics exercises. These are some of the essential body weight exercises that usually require minimal equipment.

Handstand Push Ups

Flutter Kicks

Leg Raises

Hollow Rocks

Reverse Crunches



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Skill Exercises

Brute strength is awesome, but what good is it if you can't perform daily or complex tasks. thats why I make sure to include exercises for specific skills in my workouts. They also work out many muscles that may get ignored from doing the same repetitive exercises. Thats what functional fitness is all about! Below are a few that I include in my workouts.

Rope Climb

Bar Hops

Hang Board

Compus Board

Rock Wall

Sledge Hammer

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gymnastics exercises part 1

Gymnastics moves? Maybe not the graceful high flying acrobats of Olympic gymnast, but the following gymnastics exercises are a daily must. This is just part 1 of of 3 because there are so many to cover! Here are the first few to give you a good idea of how to perform them properly.

Push Ups

Pull Ups

Sit Ups

Toes to Bar

Ab Mat sit ups

Back Extensions

GHD Sit Ups

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Mobility Exercises

Are you looking after yourself in-between lifting heavy and running long distances? Or are you already having mobility issues? Staying flexible and loose is important no matter what your discipline is. Here are some mobility exercises to throw into your workouts.


Jane Fondas


Hip Mobility Drill

Hip Stretch

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Weighted Exercises


Many times Desert-Fit admittedly post some weird workouts. Thats why we've started a series of posts to inform you on how to perform those exercises properly. This post will focus on weighted exercises outside of barbells and kettlebells.

Sandbag Get ups

Medicine Ball Shots

Tire Flips

Farmer's Carries

Weight Sled

Ball Slams

Floor Wipers

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Cardio and Endurance

We uploaded a blog post earlier on proper lifting technique. But thats not the only thing people can hurt themselves on, but just simple running as well. Here are some Videos on how to properly conduct cardio and endurance exercises.






Double Unders


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Olympic and Power Lifting Form

Olympic and power lifts are some of the most dynamic and useful exercises you can. However, they can be rendered useless, or even result in injury if performed improperly. Because of that here are some videos that show how to perform the movements correctly. We will be covering the following lifts: back squats, push press, snatch, bench press, front squat, cleans, deadlift, overhead squat, clean and jerk.


Back Squats


Push Press




Bench Press


Front Squat






Oerhead Squat


Clean and Jerk