power lifting


The Workout Workbook

Here at desert-fit we recently came up with a new workbook to help you program and schedule your workouts, as well as document and track your performance.

The Desert-Fit workbook is a downloadable PDF that contains the Desert-fit workout structure, log pages, and a performance tracking page. 

There are over 2 months worth of log pages included in the workbook. These help document your daily workouts, and can be used to schedule and plan them using the Desert-Fit Workout Structure. It in clues a template for how the workouts should look, and a guide to what types of exercises to do each day.

almost more importantly, the workbook contains a log sheet to track your performance. There are sections to track your weight lifting personal records, fasted run times, and even Triathlon times.

If you'd like to download one for yourself, just click the picture below!

The Results

So does the the program work? Well for a taste Below is a graph of how much my personal weights ave improved. Look them over and decide for yourself. Every day We're improving the program of each upcoming version.

Exercise Guide

Olympic and Power Lifting Form

Olympic and power lifts are some of the most dynamic and useful exercises you can. However, they can be rendered useless, or even result in injury if performed improperly. Because of that here are some videos that show how to perform the movements correctly. We will be covering the following lifts: back squats, push press, snatch, bench press, front squat, cleans, deadlift, overhead squat, clean and jerk.


Back Squats


Push Press




Bench Press


Front Squat






Oerhead Squat


Clean and Jerk