1 lap

15 dips

25 pull ups

200m farmers carries

50 air squats

200m walking lunges

1 lap

15 burped pull ups

20 knees to elbow

15 toes to bar

20 kettlebell swings

1 lap  


3x10 GHD sit ups

3x30 sec plank

3x30 sec hollow rocks

3x10 weighted sit ups

3x10 side crunch each side

10 Russian twists

Run and Lift


2 mile run


3x6 bench press

3x6 incline bench press

3x6 decline bench press

38 dumbbell bench press

3x8 dumbbell Incline bench press  

3x8 dumbbell flys

3x8 incline dumbbell flys


3x5 @70% of: 

back squat

push press