Workout Plan


Desert-Fit V3 has arrived! Version 3 draws from the experiences of V1 and V2. It improves upon them, and experiments with a few new things. For those of you new to Desert-Fit, it is a functional fitness workout structure that is intended to prepare you for anything. It is done having a wide focus of traditional functional fitness workouts, triathlon training, military style physical training, and skills focused on different outdoor sports. Its an all encompassing program designed to be scaled for every skill level.

Improvements implemented in V3:

-An easier to read and understand format.

-A list of common terms.

-an explanation of the Desert-Fit philosophy and structure.

-lateral progression. Pushing yourself harder and harder each time is now built into the structure of the program itself. Specifically in endurance and weight lifting progression.

-An altered weight lifting scheme to help improve form at higher weights.

-More efficient and practical use of weight vests and elevation masks.

Below is Desert-Fit V3! Good luck. Email us any questions you have, and let us know what you think.

The Desert-Fit Workbook is available below. It complements the Desert-Fit V3 plan, but can be essentially be used with any workout program.